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Photosensitive Resistance Sensor
Photosensitive Resistance Sensor

Photosensitive Resistance Sensor

1. Instead of CDS photosenstive resistance;
2. NPN type photosenstive tansistor;
3. Compound RoHS environmental protection directive requirement;
4. Wide application field infrared surveillance cameral LED ballard lamp, smart-home;
5. Instant startup is undelayed.

1. Specification


Brand: XUV

Technology: Ceramic Composition

Package Type: Throught Hole
Coating Housing Type: CeramicSize / Dimension: diameter 5MM

Max. Voltage: 150VDC

Max. Power: 100mW

Light Resistance: 30- 50kΩ

Number of Pins: 2

Dark Resistance: 4mΩ

Response Time(Increase): 20ms

Peak Spectral Value: 560nm

Lead time: 3- 5days

2. Product Detail




3. Application

Game consoles, coin-operated machines, remote controls, various security monitoring equipment, infrared cameras, mechanical electronics, electric meters, smart water meters.

4. Payment and Shipping

Payment method: Wire Transfer, T/T, PayPal,
Shipping method: FedEx (Default), DHL, UPS, TNT, SF, EMS

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