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UVC Led Water Sterilization Module
UVC Led Water Sterilization Module

UVC Led Water Sterilization Module

1. High optical output power;
2. Using original imported chips from South Korea's LG and Seoul, long life, low light decay, and guaranteed quality;
3. Using ceramic bracket, eutectic technology, fast heat dissipation;
4. Durable, shockproof, easy to design, suitable for applications in multiple fields;
5. Using 99.99% pure gold wire for bonding, the quality is more reliable;
6. Products can be customized according to customer needs.

1. Specification


Brand Name: XUV

Type: UV LED

Warranty (Year): 1-year

Lighting solutions service: Lighting and circuitry design

Luminous Efficacy(lm/w): 2

ChipBrand: LG, Seoul

Emitting Color: UV

Luminous Intensity: Brightness

Optical Attenuation(%): 3

Voltage: 6V/12V

Power: 3-5mW

Viewing Angle(°): 30, 60, 90, 120

Operating Temperature(℃): -20 - 80

Storage Temperature(℃): -30-80

Place of Origin: Guangdong, China

Certification: CE, RoHS, CE ROHS

Working Time: 1 liter water tank, it is recommended to work for 5 minutes per hour.

Working lifespan: 10000 hours

2. Product Detail



3. Application

Surface disinfection, water steriliaztion, air sterilization.


4. Payment and Shipping

Payment method: Wire Transfer, T/T, PayPal,
Shipping method: FedEx (Default), DHL, UPS, TNT, SF, EMS

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