UV sterilization becomes last guarantee for water purifier
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On March 23, China Home Appliances and Consumer Electronics Expo (AWE2021) kicked off in Shanghai. During the AWE conference, Fangtai exhibited its new product-M6A maternal and infant water purifier. 

The M6A water purifier, as the latest maternal and child-grade water purifier equipped with NSP selective filtration technology, is refreshing with its ultra-low noise.


At the same time, Liu Ge, general manager of Fangtai's water purification product business, was interviewed, reviewing Fangtai's exploration of water purification in the past 8 years, and looking forward to Fangtai's future water purification road.According to Liu Ge, since 2012, Fangtai has been involved in water purification. The kitchen is the center of Fangtai, and everything in the kitchen cannot be separated from water. 

The core of water treatment is membrane, which is the future of this industry. Under the background that the industry generally has a single understanding of water purification, some people have suggested that it is better to use conventional technology to put water purifiers on the shelf, and then improve according to the situation.However, this proposal was rejected by Mr. Mao of Fang Tai. He believed that water should be the most basic one. 

To understand the essentials of life, to provide users with a healthier lifestyle, it is necessary to make a healthy water purifier.


As early as 2014, Fangtai determined its product appeal for filtering harmful substances to retain beneficial elements, but searched all over the country and could not find an organization willing to cooperate with it, so Fangtai began independent research and development of innovative NSP selective filtration technology. Distance. The new M6A maternal and child-grade water purifier is equipped with this technology.


NSP selective filtration technology-front-end seven-fold filtration purification technology, with a large number of heavy metal adsorption points on the surface and inside of the selective water purification membrane, selectively adsorbing heavy metal ions in the water, and effectively removing organics, bacteria, heavy metals, odors and other harmful substances in the water , To retain mineral ions that are beneficial to the human body.

In addition to technological innovation, Fangtai strives to meet the needs of large throughput, strong design, experience and high intelligence, and insists on innovation.It is worth noting that the last step of the seven-fold purification technology is terminal UV sterilization, with the addition of UV germicidal lamps, so that the removal rate of bacteria and viruses in the water can reach 99.999%. It can be seen that UV sterilization is gradually popularized in water purification systems. 

The unanimous recognition of consumers and producers. I believe that with the help of UV sterilization, the water purifier can truly be ready to drink and protect health.Some people say that water purifiers have been weak in the past two years, but Liu Ge has reservations about this. Although the household water purifier industry developed strongly from the beginning of the 21st century to 2018, consumers purchased water purifiers on a large scale. 

Based on the service life of the water purifiers, it is a normal phenomenon that the growth rate of development slowed down in 18 and 19 years. . In the post-epidemic era, the field of commercial water purifiers has developed rapidly, and household water purifiers have been steadily improved. The entire industry is radiating strong vitality. Liu Ge believes that the future development direction of the water purification industry must be the world of functional integration and intelligent blessing of basic functions.

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