Q1#: Are you a factory?
 2023/08/08 | View:62

A: Yes, We have more than 12,000 m2 workshops located in Dongguan City, Guangdong Province.

We are one of the biggest factories that focus on SMD LED, IR LED, VCSEL, UV LED, DIP LED, IR TOUCH FRAME, IR PCBA, and IR receivers in China. 


1、If your company only pursues low prices and disregards product quality, there's no need to contact us. We do not engage in producing low-end products.

2、Our advantage lies in being a manufacturer. You can inspect our factory at any time, and both delivery time and product quality can be under your control. Furthermore, we can achieve a laser concentricity of within ±0.1 degrees, surpassing industry standards. We can also make the beam spot smaller than that of our peers.

3、All produced products undergo comprehensive inspections, ensuring a 100% qualification rate. The purpose of the holes on the copper components is to facilitate inspectors in performing secondary adjustments to the calibrator's concentricity. If the concentricity is not properly adjusted, end customers may experience accuracy issues during usage. Therefore, when choosing calibrators, regardless of the manufacturer, it is recommended to opt for those with adjustable holes on the copper components.

4、Our products are all FDA-certified, and reports can be provided!

5、The factory is certified under ISO9001 Quality Management System and other qualifications.

6、All our quotations do not include packaging!

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