XinUV's 10th Anniversary Team Building Activity Concludes Successfully
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In 2020, XinUV ushered in the first 10 years of entrepreneurship! On November 7, the company held its 10th-anniversary celebration and team-building activities. All employees gathered at the Dongguan Dalingshan Forest Park Development Center to witness this memorable moment.

1. Celebrating 10 years together, outdoor expansion is endless

I heard that this outdoor team-building activity is from

My friends’ favorite barbecue meal started~

Are you drooling? Na na na, go directly to the picture


The gourmet feast begins

Expansion activities are an important part of corporate culture and a symbol of employee care. On the occasion of the 10th anniversary of Weisi Lighting, we chose to have a one-day outdoor activity at the Dalingshan Forest Park Development Center! This event not only provided an opportunity for everyone to relax, but also allowed everyone to experience the fun of group life in the process of game interaction and working together to cook food, and enhanced mutual understanding between departments and colleagues.

In this team-building activity, there are a total of 5 interactive games, and all members are randomly divided into several competition groups. The exciting and popular competitive game ignites the challenge of each team!


01 Tug of War


Nervous PK

The event officially kicked off with a classic tug-of-war competition.

I saw the members of both sides stand on both sides of the big rope with high morale.

The body sinks slightly, holding the rope with both hands, as strong as iron tongs

With an order, the atmosphere on the scene boiled instantly!

Cheer-ups one after another, the left and right teams are evenly matched.

In the end, the team on the left took the victory and pursued and won


02 Grab water game



The water grab is ready to begin
The contestants are divided into two groups on the left and right, each in a row
A row of mineral water is placed between the two groups of players
Participants follow the host’s instructions to perform various body movements
When I heard the command "grab water"
The contestant who gets the mineral water the fastest wins~

03 Snowball


This game is very similar to our return run in basketball
The captains of each group set out to the finish line first, and then circle back.
1.Take your 3 team members back and forth in turn
Based on teamwork, under the mutual help of members
The team that reaches the finish line the fastest wins
It not only tests the physical reaction ability, but also tests the team's teamwork!

2. Looking back on the past thousands of years and making every effort to make it more prosperous
Over the past ten years, XinUV has been based in the lighting industry, conforming to industry trends, carrying out flexible iterations and updates in business, products, technology, etc., to highlight the encirclement and seize opportunities in industry changes. With differentiated services as its core competitiveness, Weisi Lighting's business has begun to expand beyond the province and even abroad, with fruitful results.

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